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What Is Meditation?

One day Darkness run into Stillness in the Tunnel. For a very long time Darkness has resided in this Tunnel when a new visitor unexpectedly came to its sacred place. Then, Darkness tried so hard to push Stillness away from the Tunnel, but in vain. At one moment, Darkness yelled at Stillness in a rage:

Go away! Go back to where you came from! This is my territory! I am a ruler!

After that, Stillness responded calmly to it:

There are no territories. We all come from one place. Actually, the first time we met I thought that you were some curious visitor. I wanted to say hello to you, but you kept complaining about many things, judging and trying to get rid of me.

Suddenly, the beams of Light spread through the Tunnel and pervaded everything in it. Darkness, Stillness and the entire Tunnel combined together into one whole. One whole that exists in the present moment. One whole that is a part of an Observers awareness. Expanding is its natural way. So, it keeps expanding further away while the Observer is being calm, centered and at peace. The Observer comes home.

By reading this allegorical story one can see that we tend to know the worlds phenomena through dualities: stillness vs motion, darkness vs light, right vs wrong, good vs bad, pain vs relief and so on. Our minds ego is like a character called Darkness. It is furious, frantic, judgemental, territorial, bossy and a control freak. It tends to observe things in a very narrow tunnel. It is His Tunnel. However, our existence is beyond our minds limitations. By simply being instead of doing we come back to our true nature and existence. All this path is called guided meditation. It is happenning instead of trying to achieve it. It exists as it is without any striving, goals and expectations.

The only thing one can do is to create an atmosphere for it with conscious effort and intention, but without any force. Being in the right posture, creating peaceful place for practice and limiting various outer distractions, following the guidelines, applying mindfulness into everyday living. When the meditation process becomes ones companion, then all the thoughts, feelings, images and sensations that come to one are seen as visitors. No matter how good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, painful or relieving they are, one observes them exactly as they are. One knows that all clarity, peace, calmness, abundance, joy, love, happiness lie inside of him/her. Whenever one becomes aware of the this inner space, nothing can disturb him/her. One realises his true being as it is. One becomes an observer.


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