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Want To Grow Your Penis Naturally? Read More

There are many pills and devices in the market promising to grow your penis to the required size. But do not waste your time in these cheap methods because they will only spoil your health. So it is important that you adapt to natural methods which can give you the expected results. And these are safe too without any side effects. When you approach a sexologist with this penis size problem, the first thing he would do is to prescribe medicines for you which might be a temporary cure and you might have to go back to it every time you feel that the penis has gone back to its original shape and size. There are simple natural exercises that can be tried at home which act as a permanent remedy to this problem. For more tips on how to make your dick bigger follow the link, or see the exercises below.

1 Hold the head of your cock firmly without disturbing the usual blood flow. Now pull and stretch it gradually in all directions which will enhance the blood flow and allow more blood to flow in all directions enabling the penis to grow bigger and larger in size.

2 Similar to the above process, here you have to hold the head of the penis and place the thumb on top of it. Use the other hand to hold the base and slowly pull it in the uphill direction till you get the stretched feel. This is to be repeated 2 to 3 times a day with short breaks in between to let the flow of blood slowly into the penis.

3 The third method is the backwards method, which is a little painful and dangerous and hence before going for this, you better take a physician`s advice. Here, you are required to pull the skin of your organ backwards but be cautious not to harm the soft tissues and the regular blood flow in that area. Then release it and repeat it one more time. This will hardly take 5 minutes in your daily schedule.

4 The next natural easy and common method to make your penis look bigger is the Jelqing method. Here you will have to form an `o` shape with fingers folded. Then let your organ in between this `o` and pull it upwards enabling the tissue in that spot to expand and stretch, also letting more flow of blood into the organ.

All these are some of the methods that can be tried at home and takes a very little time. They are very simple and effectively help in increasing the penile size. But if you detect uncommon symptoms, you have to immediately consult the doctor for assistance.


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