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Online Hearing Tests: Can You Trust Them?

If you do an internet search, or you go on YouTube and do a search for the keyword 'hearing test', there are a number of online tests that come up. The video plays a frequency and you check to see if you can hear those frequencies or not.

These can be OK if you just want to find out if you have a hearing loss or not. The problem is there are so many different problems involved in hearing issues that a test like this isn't going to show.

You could have problems with wax buildup with one or both ears. That's something that could be easily taken care of with a device purchased in any pharmacy or grocery store. You put drops into your ears, leave them in for a few minutes, and then gently flush the wax out with a rubber bulb full of warm water. If the wax is seriously impacted, your doctor can remove it during an office visit.

You could have a more serious condition like a conductive loss, which means that there could be physical damage to the ear that possibly needs to be corrected with surgery.

Allergies can affect your hearing.

Your blood sugar can affect your hearing.

Salt levels can affect your hearing.

These are things you aren't going to know unless you have your hearing professionally tested. So, what you need to do is go to an audiologist or state licensed hearing aid specialist to have a test done.

In a lot of cases, if you go to a hearing aid specialist (someone who sells hearing aids), you can most likely have the test done for free. And, with high quality devices like Siemens hearing aids, the specialist can have the device programmed to your specific hearing loss to make sure you're hearing as well as possible.

If you go to an audiologist, you may have to pay, but it could be covered by your insurance company.

The important thing to know about having your hearing professionally tested is that you have a right to receive a copy of that test, so you can take it wherever you want to go. You aren't required to buy hearing aids - or anything else - from the person who conducts the exam.

The key point is don't rely on one of these online tests; have your hearing exam professionally done so you can know exactly what the issue is, and that will tell you precisely what you need to know.


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