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How Size And Genetics Go Hand In Hand

There is anything between 60,000 and 10,000 genes in the human chromosome. A human has only 46 chromosomes in all of which 23 are got from his paternal side and the remaining 23 is from his maternal side. Now for the stunner, these 46 chromosomes alone can mutate into 64 trillion combinations to form into one DNA material of a baby!

Therefore, it is impossible to pin point which gene has manifested from which branch of the family.

Human genes are majorly polygenic. What this means is that a lot of genes form a cluster and act together to form the genetic grid. What can increase the confusion further is the effect of the environment that the baby is born into, the lifestyle followed by the parents, the diet followed by the family for generations and also any weird characteristic that has infiltrated into the family gene. All this can make it practically impossible to understand the human gene even today after years of master research done without any break.

The attributes like the color of the eye, hair, etc, can vary according to the family gene history. Some of the traits are passed straight from one generation to the next while some traits jump from one generation to the third or the fourth generation.

If it is the masculinity or the sex gene that we are talking about in males, then we can have a thumb rule and say for certain that the trait is got from his paternal side. This is clear because the human male carries one X and one Y chromosome whereas the human female carries XX chromosomes. In order to produce a male off spring, one X chromosome from the female and one Y chromosome from the male act together to form the male zygote.

Thus it is clear that the attributes of masculinity including the size of the male organ is the work of the Y chromosome which is donated by his father. The size and the girth of the male member will also have the same characteristics as that of his fathers family. If however you are unsatisfied with the endowment you received as a man you can change it pretty easily by going to SizeGenetics Online.

This study and inference is particularly important because if there is any affliction that has affected the males paternal side with special reference to his reproductive system then the male may contract that condition too. Or if he is careful and takes necessary precautions then he may not contract it at all. It is important that we study the traits with special reference to genetics because therein lies the answer to a lot of questions that scientists are trying to decipher.


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